COVID-19 Restrictions For Renting / Visiting Shekinah

In accordance with the latest Re-Open Saskatchewan guidelines extension, Shekinah has restricted access to its grounds.

Until further notice, Shekinah will not be renting our Timber Lodge, Chalet, or Cabins.

We welcome your visits to use our outdoor spaces (287 acres) for hiking and sledding, but there are restrictions in place.

For using our grounds, here are a few things to know:

1) The government of Saskatchewan guidelines state that outdoor groups are limited to 10 people, with NO food or drink. The rules you need to follow at home are the same here.

2) Our washroom facilities are closed to the public.

3) All fire pits are closed for use.

4) The road coming down into the valley is icy, and you may encounter difficulties getting back up.

-If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you should have no problems.

-If you have good winter tires, you should have no problems.

-If you have regular all-season or summer tires, or if your tires are at the end of their service, you may have problems. If you are a timid or inexperienced winter driver, you may want to visit a more accessible site.

5) There is not always someone on duty, so you enter at your own risk.

6) Phone numbers for tow trucks are posted on the office building (log building on the right as you come down). In addition, there are notices posted in the Timber Lodge parking lot.

7) Our pond has not been cleared and is currently "un-skateable".

8) When going up the hill, please take a long run from well past the Timber Lodge and don't stop for any reason. Make sure the road ahead of you is completely clear before heading up.

**If you are not confident in your vehicle or ability to get out of the valley, we invite you to visit a more accessible site.

We encourage you, with all the above caveats in place, to get out and hike our trails or sled down Quill Hill. Our trails have not been cleared, which adds to the good workout you will be getting. The air is crisp and clean, and there is plenty of space to burn off energy.

As always, we do not allow motorized vehicles (snowmobiles, ATVs, etc) on Shekinah grounds.

There are NO pets allowed, even if they are the best behaved, most well trained, and super awesomest pet ever.

There is no hunting on Shekinah grounds.

Just a reminder: Shekinah is private property and does not have amenities / staff like a provincial or federal park might. There may not be staff on site, so we ask you to be careful and respectful, while keeping your distance from others. Note also that the second floor of the office building and the A-frame house are private property.

Please visit during daylight hours only.

Should you decide to hike or sled, (and you are welcome to do so), we ask that you give a small donation to Shekinah. $10/ person or $25 / family is a suggestion.

You can donate online (see donations menu up at the top right of this page) or leave a donation in the boxes on Ravine Trail, on the sign in the Timber Lodge parking lot, or in the mailbox at the office.

Please stay healthy and safe in these unusual times.

We will revisit these guidelines when the new Saskatchewan Public Health measures are released February 19, 2021.

Our key resource on actions we should take are at

Our hopes and prayers are that you will remain safe and continue to make healthy choices in your own life.

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