Looking for a summer job? Look no further!

If you are looking for meaningful work this summer, we can use you in the beautiful valley that is Shekinah.

We are looking for a Maintenance Manager to manage Shekinah. If you are experienced in looking after a facility, enjoy working outdoors, and are a self starter, please go to shekinah.ca/jobs.

We are looking for summer maintenance workers. These jobs include mowing grass, clearing trails, staining decks, and other outdoor work. These jobs are perfect for the person who loves to work outside and likes a variety of manual work to keep them busy.

If you enjoy working outside with students, you may want to be a school group programmer. Starting in late April / early May, you will assist in providing outdoor education to visiting schools. You will be required to take training to run our zipline and climbing wall in early May.

We also need summer camp counsellors. This is a high paced, exciting, and tiring position, and you will be required to change gears frequently. These positions can be very demanding, but job satisfaction is very high!

In addition, we need hospitality workers. You should be comfortable working with people and have good attention to detail.

These jobs are either 8 weeks in length, starting either May or July.

For more information, please go to shekinah.ca/jobs.

Please send an email with your resume to jobs@shekinah.ca or call the office for more information: 306-945-4929.

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